Tips On Violation Removals & NYC Sidewalk Repairs

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The Cost Of Sidewalk Repairs In NYC

The Cost Of Sidewalk Repairs In NYCAs a New York City property owner, the responsibility for keeping the sidewalks around your property in good shape falls on you, and if you delay too long in doing... Read More

Benefits of Concrete for Sidewalks, Gutters & Curbs in New York City

How Much Does It Cost To Repair SidewalksProperty owners in NYC are responsible for the sidewalks on their property, including maintenance. Failure to comply will result in infractions and fines, but that's not the worst of it... Read More

How Much Does It Cost To Repair Sidewalks

How Much Does It Cost To Repair SidewalksIt can be concerning when you find concrete damage to your sidewalks. Before fixing the problem, it’s best to make sure you get accurate information from a local authority... Read More

3 Signs You Need Brooklyn Sidewalk Repairs

3 Signs You Need Brooklyn Sidewalk RepairsHave you noticed a problem with your sidewalk in Brooklyn and wondered whether you should call someone for repairs?... Read More

Who Is Responsible For Sidewalk Repair In NYC?

Who Is Responsible For Sidewalk Repair In NYC?According to Sections 19-152 and 16-123 of the NYC Administrative Code, under current New York City (NYC) law, it’s the property owners who are responsible for maintaining their sidewalks... Read More

What are the Common Concrete Issues for Sidewalks?

What are the Common Concrete Issues for Sidewalks?Is your concrete surface looking somewhat worse for wear? Outdoor concrete surfaces, similar to driveways and patios, are particularly defenseless to damage from the components... Read More

When You Need a Professional Concrete Contractor NYC?

When You Need a Professional Concrete Contractor NYC?Pouring your own concrete is much more entangled than laying pavers, spreading rock, or in any event, pouring asphalt... Read More

3 Steps To Correct Your Brooklyn DOT Sidewalk Violations

3 Steps To Correct Your Brooklyn DOT Sidewalk ViolationsLife can be a bit hectic here in Brooklyn at times, and if you have a DOT sidewalk violation hanging over you, it can only make things more stressful... Read More

3 Reasons To Repair Your Brooklyn Sidewalks With Urgency

3 Reasons To Repair Your Brooklyn Sidewalks With UrgencyThere are several strict laws in place in the Brooklyn and NYC area regarding sidewalk damage, meaning that in addition to the liability risks a damaged sidewalk presents, you could also find yourself in trouble with the DOT as well... Read More

Sidewalk Repair NYC and Who's Responsible for the Sidewalk Repairs

NYC Sidewalk repairThe sidewalk repair NYC laws can change, and there are special conditions involved. It can all be challenging to understand when you have questions about who's responsible for the repairs. The Department of Transportation, or DOT, inspects and regulates the repair and maintenance... Read More

Choose an Experienced Sidewalk Expert

Choose an Experienced Sidewalk ExpertDon’t want to take a gamble when it comes to the look of your sidewalks? Then you need to choose an experienced company that can offer plenty of visual examples of its work quality. With these examples, you won’t be taking a gamble when you pay to get your sidewalks back in the best and best-looking condition. ... Read More

Why Eden is the Best Contractor for Sidewalk Repair & Violation Removal Services in NYC

NYC Sidewalk repairTaking care of your sidewalk repair and related violations is nothing to take lightly. It’s time sensitive and a task that needs to be carried out by a trained and experienced industry expert. This is why Eden Sidewalk Repair & Violation Removal Contractors is the perfect solution to your existing problem. Since 1999, we’ve been specializing in ... Read More

Helpful Tips When it Comes to How-to Deal With a NYC DOT Sidewalk Violation

NYC Sidewalk repairBeing a property owner in this area is unique to the rest of the country, for a number of reasons. One of the big differences is that you have to give thought to sidewalk services in New York City, because you’re responsible for it. ... Read More

Make Your Commercial Curbside Stand Out

NYC Sidewalk repairYour curbside provides an excellent means of advertising your New York City business without having to invest in costly ad space. By making a few smart but effective choices with your commercial curbside, you can attract the eyes of plenty of potential customers. Here are just a few... Read More

Common Causes of Sidewalk Breakages

NYC Sidewalk repairThe good news is that this problem is fairly easy to predict. (Who doesn’t notice when an oversized piece of machinery or the like is on their sidewalk, after all?) It’s also pretty rare since a heavy piece of equipment is quite unlikely to be perched on your concrete for a significant amount of time... Read More

Tips for Maintaining the Health and Beauty of Your NYC Sidewalks

NYC Sidewalk repairConcrete sidewalks offer some great benefits thanks to their beauty, durability, and longevity. To continue enjoying all these benefits for many years to come, you need to keep your New York City sidewalks in the best possible shape.Fortunately, keeping your sidewalks in that kind of condition is a no-brainer: You just need to follow a few simple steps.... Read More

Benefits of Using Bluestone for Your Commercial Curb in New York City

NYC Sidewalk repairYour New York City area business is bound to be the most important investment of your life, and you need to give it the best care in all regards to ensure that it goes strong for years to come. This care should extend to all of your business’ components, including its curb... Read More

Removing a NYC Sidewalk Violation: The Steps to Take

NYC Sidewalk repairThough it doesn’t initially come with a fine, a sidewalk violation can be a black mark on your New York City business, so you’ll need to get that violation removed as soon as you can... Read More

Sidewalks Are More Than Just Walkways

The Conflict Between Sidewalks and Your LandscapingPedestrians in Queens walk on sidewalks to get to work, to exercise, and to enjoy the fresh air, so these components of infrastructure must be maintained properly and sidewalk repairs must be performed to keep them in good condition for those who travel on them... Read More

Is a Sidewalk Replacement a Better Investment Than a Sidewalk Repair?

The Conflict Between Sidewalks and Your LandscapingThe decision to select a sidewalk replacement instead of sidewalk repairs for your Bronx residential or commercial property can be difficult. If you consider the long-term effects of choosing one over the other, you'll understand that a sidewalk replacement is usually a better investment ... Read More

The Conflict Between Sidewalks and Your Landscaping

The Conflict Between Sidewalks and Your LandscapingThe natural environment and infrastructure often battle for space in Brooklyn, and they typically end up existing right next to each other. This situation occurs when sidewalks are built along roads lined with large trees with extensive root structures... Read More

Sidewalk Maintenance and Sidewalk Violations in New York

sidewalk repair new york cityHomeowners and business owners in Yonkers know the importance of properly maintained sidewalks and sidewalk repairs even if they may overlook that significance occasionally. In fact, sidewalks can be viewed as an underrated invention, and you may be surprised to hear how they originated... Read More

Sidewalk Maintenance and Sidewalk Violations in New York

sidewalk repair new york cityBecause of regulations established by the Department of Transportation (DOT), Manhattan property owners must maintain their sidewalks and obtain sidewalk repairs according to certain specifications. DOT sidewalk violation repairs in New York City pertain to walkways next to properties, pedestrian ramps, and intersection walkways, and they .… Read More

How Sidewalks Improve Roads and Neighborhoods

sidewalk repair new york citySidewalks improve the safety, convenience, accessibility, and appearance of roads and neighborhoods. Their benefits are numerous, so sidewalk repairs and new sidewalk installation should be advocated by local officials, physicians, parents, and pedestrians in Westchester.… Read More

What's the Best Option for Your New York Sidewalk Curb?

sidewalk repair new york cityAre you looking into replacing the curb on your New York property? If so, you need to consider the options you have to pick from so that you can get the best curb for your wants and needs. And three of the most compelling options out there… Read More

Sidewalk Repair VS Replacement – How to Know When It Is Time

sidewalk repair new york cityIn New York, sidewalk maintenance is a very serious thing. It requires a great deal of work to maintain and can end up costing you a lot of money in fines if you are not careful. Sometimes repairs are enough but, eventually, you are going to need replacement. So how do you know when it is time to just get repairs or opt for total replacement? … Read More

Common Types of Sidewalk Defects in New York City & Your Responsibility

sidewalk violation repair new york cityThere are so many things that can impact the condition of your concrete sidewalk. Not matter how you treat it, some conditions are beyond your control. Aging, weather, the shifting of soil underneath, all play an integral role in how well and how long your sidewalk will old up. Of course the need for NYC Sidewalk Repairs can lead to DOT sidewalk violations that you will have to deal with … Read More

Gaining a Better Understanding of DOT Sidewalk Violation Repairs in New York City

dot sidewalk repairs new york cityThe last thing anyone wants is to receive notification of a violation from the Department of Transportation (DOT) concerning their sidewalk. New York City relies heavily on their system of walkways, in order to transport people everyday. To say it is an integral part of the city, would be an understatement. So it's no wonder that DOT sidewalk violation repairs in New York City are a hot topic … Read More

Benefits of Concrete for Sidewalks, Gutters & Curbs in New York City

concrete curbs new york cityOne of the best choices that you can make for your residential or commercial property is to use quality concrete for your sidewalks, gutters and curbs in New York City. There are a number of reasons that concrete is the tried and true classic, as well as reasons you would appreciate using it for your project. While there is some variance in working with a home versus a commercial property, it basically boils down to stricter guidelines for repairs in order to avoid violations … Read More

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