Sidewalk Maintenance and Sidewalk Violations in New York

dot sidewalk violation repair new york city

Because of regulations established by the Department of Transportation (DOT), Manhattan property owners must maintain their sidewalks and obtain sidewalk repairs according to certain specifications. DOT sidewalk violation repairs in New York City pertain to walkways next to properties, pedestrian ramps, and intersection walkways, and they can be performed by experienced sidewalk contractors.

The monitoring of city sidewalks ensures the safety of pedestrians and the prevention of property owner liability if injuries occur. The DOT sidewalk violation process is fairly simple, and as long as property owners perform the required sidewalk repairs within the allotted time frame, the violation will not remain on their file. No penalty or fine is issued with the initial violation report.

Sidewalks disintegrate as a result of extreme weather, expansion and contraction, tree roots, erosion, and foot traffic. Typically, problems with sidewalks are identified by simply inspecting them for cracks and trip hazards.

The prices of sidewalk repairs depend on the square footage of damaged sidewalk or walkway. Depending on the extent of the sidewalk problem, the price can range from $10 to $50 per square foot. Problems involving waterproofing and structural repairs can be hundreds of dollars per square foot. Although sidewalk repairs can be expensive, property owners shouldn't have to worry about eliminating DOT sidewalk violations very often. The frequency of sidewalk repairs depends on the wear and tear the sidewalk experiences, but concrete sidewalks in cities should last at least 15 years.

The greater the tripping hazard, the more urgent the sidewalk repair. Raised sidewalks present a greater tripping hazard than cracked sidewalks. Although the problems may be minor, sidewalk repairs should be performed as soon as they are identified to prevent injuries and structural damage. Sidewalk defects to look out for are hardware trip hazards, tree roots, improper slopes, and collapsed sidewalks.

Sidewalk defects may be inconvenient, but it is in a property owner's best interest to repair sidewalks immediately after defects are identified to avoid DOT sidewalk violations. However, if the property owner doesn't address the sidewalk defect and receives a violation, the process to repair the sidewalk and remove the violation is fairly simple. If you require sidewalk repairs next to your Manhattan property, contact Eden Sidewalk Repair & Violation Removal Contractors.

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