Common Injuries Caused By New York City Sidewalks You Can Avoid

sidewalk violation repairs new york cityIt's true that, for a while, the slip-and-fall corner of the legality market was huge. While laws and courtrooms have cracked down on frivolous lawsuits that are more on the complainant's shoulders than the property owner, ignoring existing and necessary sidewalk repairs can still cost you big time.

Property owners in NYC are responsible for the sidewalks on their property, including maintenance. Failure to comply will result in infractions and fines, but that's not the worst of it. If someone falls on your walkway because of your neglect, you'll be held liable. The good news is that with some diligence, you can maintain your sidewalks and avoid related injuries, fines, or legal rulings.

Taking Care of Sidewalk Repairs and Maintenance in NYC

Let’s be honest; sidewalk upkeep in the city can feel like a full-time job. While we’re fortunate to have an easy way to move around the city, the transport system for foot traffic also requires ongoing care and repairs. Did you know that there are more than 12,000 miles of walkways throughout the city that pedestrians rely on daily? Neglectful property owners can end up with the need for significant repairs, causing fines from the DOT. Worst case scenario, it can also lead to personal injuries, as well as legal liabilities tied to trip-and-fall incidents. Some of the most common reasons for repairs or sidewalk replacement service are:

  • Large Cracks
  • Significant Concrete Chips
  • Elevation Differences
  • Tree Roots
  • Holes
  • Heaved Sections
  • Buckling

Pedestrians assume the walkways are ready for use and safe; however, that’s not always the case. The highest risk categories are children and senior citizens. Other high-risk candidates are anyone with compromised mobility, anyone pushing a stroller, anyone using a cane, walker, or wheelchair. Lower the risk of injuries and protect yourself from liability by staying current with your sidewalks' required upkeep.

Right Team for the Job

Eden Sidewalk Repair & Violation Removal Contractors has worked hard throughout the years to keep the city safer, one section of sidewalk at a time. Piece by piece, we work alongside our customers to keep walkways intact and pedestrians safe. Now, we want to help you with anything you need for repairs or maintenance. Call our team today and schedule your sidewalk repair service to maintain your New York City walkway section.

To avoid sidewalk injuries by getting professional sidewalk repairs in New York City, call Eden Sidewalk Repair & Violation Removal Contractors at 718-577-5999 or complete our online request form.