3 Reasons To Repair Your Brooklyn Sidewalks With Urgency

3 Reasons To Repair Your Brooklyn Sidewalks With UrgencyWhile sidewalk repairs are something you never want to put off if your sidewalk has suffered damage of some kind, especially here in Brooklyn. There are several strict laws in place in the Brooklyn and NYC area regarding sidewalk damage, meaning that in addition to the liability risks a damaged sidewalk presents, you could also find yourself in trouble with the DOT as well. In this article, our team of skilled Brooklyn sidewalk contractors have taken the time to list just a few of the reasons it’s important to show some urgency when it comes to sidewalk repairs. Feel free to read through and give us a call today if your property’s sidewalk is in need of repairs of any kind.

Maintain A Safe Environment

Tripping hazards are only the beginning of the dangers created by a damaged sidewalk. Cracked concrete, raised edges, and potholes can all be serious liability concerns, and can also make the area less accessible, especially for blind or otherwise disabled individuals.

Prevent Sidewalk Deformities

Whenever sidewalk damage is left unaddressed for too long, it can lead to more long-term deformities that might not be as easy to repair. For instance, tree root invasion can create permanently uneven surfaces, which can be much harder to deal with down the line as opposed to tackling the issue now. Even the most relatively minor damage could lead to serious pedestrian hazards down the line, which you could be held liable for.

Avoid DOT Penalties

Here in Brooklyn property owners are personally responsible for maintaining the sidewalks around their homes or buildings, and if you let areas of damage linger, you could find yourself with a number of DOT sidewalk violations on your hands. DOT violations can create a number of complications for you, especially if you’re looking to sell or refinance your property at any point. By investing in repairs quickly, you can potentially avoid DOT violations, as well as the process of having them removed.

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