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Sidewalk Repair NYC and Who's Responsible for the Sidewalk Repairs

Sidewalk repair nyc whos responsible

The sidewalk repair NYC laws can change, and there are special conditions involved. It can all be challenging to understand when you have questions about who's responsible for the repairs. The Department of Transportation, or DOT, inspects and regulates the repair and maintenance.

In general, the owner is responsible for the repairs, but there are millions of square miles replaced every year by The Department of Transportation, with some located in residential neighborhoods.

For these reasons, it's best always to make sure you're getting the correct information about sidewalk repair NYC before moving ahead with the repair work.

Home and business owners can contact DOT or check their website for updated information. However, an easy way to stay informed and ensure you're getting the latest information is to contact a professional like us who keeps up with the sidewalk repair NYC regulations.

If you need New York City sidewalk repairs, give our professionals at Eden Sidewalk Repair NYC a call.

When To Repair Sidewalks In NYC

Property owners in NYC don't have the luxury of putting off sidewalk repairs in NYC as others do. The property owner can be issued a violation for problems with the concrete. Most commonly, the issues involved are cracks, crumbling, and various trip hazards.

Make sure you call a professional if you notice the following problems so that the issue can be taken care of before you get issued a code violation.

  • Uneven sections of sidewalk
  • Concrete cracks
  • Signs of crumbling
  • Bulges
  • Holes
  • Step separation
  • Irregularities
  • Spalled areas (flakes or chunks broken off)
  • Adjacent driveway or apron displacements
  • Areas with standing water after it rains
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