Sidewalk Repair VS Replacement – How to Know When It Is Time

sidewalks new york cityIn New York, sidewalk maintenance is a very serious thing. It requires a great deal of work to maintain and can end up costing you a lot of money in fines if you are not careful.

Sometimes repairs are enough but, eventually, you are going to need replacement. So how do you know when it is time to just get repairs or opt for total replacement?

What You Need to Know

Aside from being an eyesore, damaged sidewalks can be a serious hazard. They can lead to trip and fall issues and end in grave injury.

As a main means of transportation for pedestrians on foot and sometimes bike, it is vital to keep up with care. But are repairs enough or do you need replacement?

  • Sunken Concrete – Sunken concrete is usually the result of the ground underneath not being properly prepared. You begin to notice it's uneven and then it sinks in completely. Unfortunately, this type of problem can only be resolved with a complete replacement.
  • Cracks – This is tricky because it depends on the size and severity. Obviously, minor cracks are usually easy to just repair. Larger cracks, the type usually caused by a vehicle, usually run too deep and allow in moisture, and replacement is the only option at that point.
  • Frost Heave – As the term implies, this is when the moisture frozen in the ground pushes under the sidewalk. It is sort of the opposite of sunken concrete, but the results are basically the same. So it makes sense to replace it since the subgrade has been compromised.

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