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How Sidewalks Improve Roads and Neighborhoods

Sidewalks improve neighborhoods

Sidewalks improve the safety, convenience, accessibility, and appearance of roads and neighborhoods. Their benefits are numerous, so sidewalk repairs and new sidewalk installation should be advocated by local officials, physicians, parents, and pedestrians in Westchester.

Benefits of Sidewalks

  • Health Studies indicate that people that have access to sidewalks are more likely to walk, allowing them to obtain the recommended level of daily physical activity.
  • Reduced Pollution and Carbon Emissions Two-mile car trips make up 40% of car travel in the United States. This distance is easily achievable by walking on sidewalks, so people will opt to walk instead of drive, limiting their carbon footprint.
  • Safety In the United States, approximately 4,500 pedestrians are killed in traffic accidents with vehicles, and about 8% of those deaths are caused by pedestrians walking directly next to the road. Sidewalks could prevent 88% of these deaths.
  • Peace of Mind Because of the added safety a sidewalk provides, pedestrians feel more comfortable walking along roads.
  • Mobility By getting pedestrians off of travel lanes, sidewalks provide more mobility for vehicles on the road.
  • Increased Property Value Studies show that buyers are willing to pay more for homes in neighborhoods with sidewalks and walkways.
  • Accessibility to Local Businesses – Sidewalks improve access to businesses for employees and customers who depend on public transportation.

Sidewalk Installation and Repairs

Hiring a reputable company for your new sidewalk installation is crucial because a properly installed sidewalk will require fewer sidewalk repairs over the years. Inevitably, sidewalks will need to be repaired. Collapsed sidewalks can form from wear and tear or heavy machinery. Cracks and hardware constitute trip hazards, and erosion and improper sloping can result from ground settling. Sidewalk repairs are necessary to avoid bodily injuries and sidewalk violations.

Sidewalks greatly improve the well-being of those who use them, whether it be physically, mentally, or economically. If you are interested in a sidewalk installation or if you require sidewalk repairs, contact Eden Sidewalk Repair NYC, an experienced Westchester sidewalk service.

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