Gaining a Better Understanding of DOT Sidewalk Violation Repairs in New York City

dot sidewalk violation repairs new york city nyThe last thing anyone wants is to receive notification of a violation from the Department of Transportation (DOT) concerning their sidewalk. New York City relies heavily on their system of walkways, in order to transport people everyday. To say it is an integral part of the city, would be an understatement. So it's no wonder that DOT sidewalk violation repairs in New York City are a hot topic.

Rough estimates indicate that, at any given moment, 350k people are walking through Times Square, and those numbers are approximately a decade old. It goes without saying that keeping these walkways safe, clear of debris and repaired are completely necessary. So, when it comes to infractions for NYC Sidewalk Repairs, there are some details that you should be aware of.

Becoming Informed

First and foremost, the main point of New York City DOT sidewalk violations for repairs is to address safety concerns, not visual aesthetics. However, there is nothing wrong with wanting to maintain the appearance, as well. There are plenty of things that you should be aware of, but some of the things that you should know right away are:

  • In most instances, you are responsible for repair costs when you receive notice of a violation. Tree roots or damage caused by a utility company are two examples of when you would not be held accountable.
  • A violation may occur as the result of a routine inspection or a complaint. You have 45 days to address your repairs and, once they are reported cleared, your violation will be removed from your file.
  • So what happens once the 45 days pass? The DOT will hire a contractor to address the repair needs, and Department of Finance will send you the bill. The cost is always higher than it would be if you were to employ your own professional to handle the service work.
  • Some common examples of defect include collapsed sidewalk, patchwork, improper slope or hardware trip hazard. Tree root repairs should be brought to the attention of the Department of Parks and Recreation.

Missing or damaged curbs are also included. So make it a point to keep your walkway clean, clear of debris and repaired.

Trusting the Industry Experts for DOT Sidewalk Violation Repairs in New York City

Since 1999, Eden Sidewalk Repair & Violation Removal Contractors has been the preferred name locals rely on for their DOT sidewalk violation repairs. We know the industry well and are a DOT approved and certified sidewalk contractor. We don't just make the repairs, we help you better understand the process.

We also look for ways to enhance your walkway, so that you might be able to avoid more repairs, in the near future. Call us today in order to get your repair needs addressed.

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