Common Types of Sidewalk Defects in NYC and Your Responsibility

There are so many things that can impact the condition of your concrete sidewalk. No matter how you treat it, some conditions are beyond your control. Aging, weather, and the shifting of soil underneath all play an integral role in how well and how long your sidewalk will last. 

The need for NYC sidewalk repair can lead to DOT sidewalk violations that you will have to deal with. Even if it is only for your own safety, addressing the need for existing repairs is a necessary thing to do. 

Learn a little bit about common problems that arise, and you'll be familiar with what causes some of these defects.

Common Sidewalk Violations

Over time, your sidewalk is going to show signs of age and disrepair. Some of the common defects that occur are:

Tree Roots: Including trees as part of the city landscaping helps balance things out by introducing elements of nature. However, on the downside, their roots can wreak havoc on city sidewalks. The good news about tree roots causing problems is that this is one violation you will not have to take care of getting service for. The Department of Parks and Recreation will handle this.

Collapsed Sidewalk: The cause of the collapse is what will determine if you are responsible for maintenance or not. If it collapses under the weight of heavy machinery from a utility company, they will probably be held liable. However, in other circumstances, you will be liable and need to arrange and cover the cost of repairs.

Trip Hazard: This is often caused by something like the ground settling and causing a split in the sidewalk or part of the curb breaking off. There are also hardware trip hazards that are the result of hardware embedded in the sidewalk. Very often, this hardware is not even part of a system that is currently functional. In either case, removal or secure concealment are necessary to address this.

Improper Slope: When part of your sidewalk begins to tilt, it can present a very serious tripping hazard. Plus, it can cause water to run in a direction that promotes erosion. This must be fixed in a timely manner.

Dealing with DOT Sidewalk Violations

When you receive a DOT sidewalk violation in New York City or simply decide to take it upon yourself to invest in the appropriate sidewalk repairs, you need a reputable expert to work with. 

Since 1998, New York City home and business owners have been entrusting our team at Eden Sidewalk Repair NYC to get the job done. We have the training, skills, knowledge, and experience to get the job done.