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It is inevitable that you are going to require professional Brooklyn sidewalk repairs, at some point. Own the same piece of property for long enough and you are likely to need this type of work multiple times. It is all part of making sure that you are able to keep the walkways of this fine city, in proper working order.

Smart home or business owners know that the name to count on is Eden Sidewalk Repair NYC. We take this line of work seriously and it shows in the results that we are able to get for our clients. Not to mention, this is how we have been able to become DOT approved and certified contractors.

We offer an essential variety of services, all geared towards keeping the city sidewalks safe. We rely on expert workmanship, as well as superior materials, in order to get the results that we do. You can feel confident knowing that we will go above and beyond to get your job completed, in a prompt and professional manner.

Brooklyn Violation Removal

No one wants to have a violation on their record. Not to mention, while you are in need of repairs, your walkway poses a very real threat of causing someone to trip. This would leave you liable for costs of their medical bills. Some other things that you should know about, when it comes to NYC sidewalk repairs and violations:

  • Local laws hold property owners accountable for the repairs necessary for their sidewalk. This is true for both residential and commercial properties. This includes all work, such as installation, construction and replacement. You should also be aware that this includes pedestrian ramps for corner properties.
  • If you receive a notice of a DOT sidewalk violation, the repairs are expected to be addressed in 45 days. If you repairs are not taken care of in this time frame, the Department of Transportation will hire a contractor to execute the repairs. After that, the Department of Finance will then bill the property owner accordingly.
  • What surprises many people is that the guidelines also mandate that owners are to keep their walkways clean and free of debris – including snow.

Sidewalk & Curb Work in Brooklyn

If you find yourself in need of any type of work for your sidewalk or curb, let Eden Sidewalk Repair NYC provide you with the service you need. We take this line of work seriously and work hard to go above and beyond what is expected of us. Get in touch with us now to find out more about what we can do for you.

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