The Cost Of Sidewalk Repairs In NYC

Nyc sidewalk repair costs

As a New York City property owner, the responsibility for keeping the sidewalks around your property in good shape falls on you, and if you delay too long in doing so, you could find yourself facing exorbitant costs both in terms of fines and repairs performed by the city. To help you get a better idea of the costs involved with repairing your New York City property's sidewalks, our team of skilled sidewalk repair contractors here at Eden Sidewalk Repair NYC have taken the time to put together this short list. To get a better understanding of the costs associated with this particular project, we invite you to read through this short article at your leisure and contact us if you'd like to schedule an inspection to get a quote for your repairs.

City-Selected Contractors

The primary danger in putting off repairs for your sidewalks after you've received a DOT violation is that the city will eventually hire a contractor of its choice to complete the repairs, and you'll be billed. While this might seem like it would be more convenient for you, you're likely to wind up paying a big difference in price. When the city contracts the work out, they aren't going to shop around for the best price or the best service, which means you could wind up with sub-par repairs that cost a fortune, as many property owners have already found out.

Shop Around For Contactors

Your best bet in order to avoid unnecessary costs, fines, and further violations is to shop around for a contractor you trust to help you resolve your sidewalk violations. Doing this will ensure you not only get the assistance of a contractor whose work you can count on, but you can also find a price quote that's a bit more competitive so you don't wind up paying a small fortune in the process. Currently, the city has the cost of sidewalk repair at $70 for the DOT permit to repair the sidewalk on your property. By shopping around for the right contractor, you might be able to find a better price to meet your budgetary needs.

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