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When you find yourself in need of Bronx sidewalk repairs, it can be tricky to determine which company to choose. Since 1999, Eden Sidewalk Repair NYC has been to go-to team for all services related to sidewalks and curbs, including DOT violations. We take great pride in the work that we do and that is evident from the customer satisfaction rating we have earned.

We offer services like installation, repairs and even full sidewalk replacement in Bronx, NY. We are Department of Transportation approved and certified, as well as a certified contractor with the Department of Buildings. Not to mention we work for both the DOT and Department of Parks.

Owning residential or commercial property in this city is an honor, but one that comes with responsibilities. The good news is that we will take care of this for you and ensure that you can avoid problems or long term issues with an existing violation. However, keep in mind, the earlier you contact us for NYC sidewalk repairs, the quicker we can get your situation rectified.

Bronx Violation Removal

A DOT sidewalk violation is a notice that your sidewalk is in need of repairs, but it is not a fine. Other things that you should know about this repair service include:

  • You need to address the problem and have it resolved within 45 days. Once repairs are made this is reported to the DOT.
  • A copy of this notice is filed with the County Clerk and remains there until repairs are made, and notification from the city releases you from this infraction. Then the violation will be removed from your file.
  • Repairs not completed within the 45 day time period can result in other actions. The DOT will then hire a contractor to execute the necessary work and the property owner will be billed by the Department of Finance.
  • Keep in mind, fixing your walkway is about more than just making your property looking nice. This is a vital aspect in making sure no one is injured. Especially since you would be held financially liable for the injuries.

We look forward to working with you and ensuring that you get the service you need to fix your sidewalks in Bronx.

Sidewalk & Curb Work in Bronx

Let our experts here at Eden Sidewalk Repair NYC provide you with the service you need for both your sidewalk and curb. We rely on our walkways heavily here in the Bronx. Now you can rely on us to provide you with the quality service that you want, need and deserve.

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