How Much Does It Cost to Repair Sidewalks in NYC?

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Finding concrete damage to your sidewalks can be concerning for homeowners, as the damaged sidewalks not only reduce the appearance of the property but also put pedestrians at risk. Before fixing the problem, it's best to make sure you get accurate information from a professional sidewalk repair contractor and find out how much it costs to repair sidewalks in your neighborhood. 

In many areas, the repairs to sidewalks are left up to the property owner, while in other areas, the Department of Transportation will repair and maintain them. If you need to find out exactly how much it costs to repair sidewalks in NYC, the Bronx, Brooklyn, or the surrounding areas, give our professionals at Eden Sidewalk Repair NYC a call to set up an estimate.

Sidewalk Repair Costs

A cracked or broken sidewalk is a trip hazard, so it's essential to repair or replace the section of damaged concrete. In some areas, like NYC, the property owner will receive a sidewalk violation notice from professional sidewalk repair experts. 

In general, the basic cost of repairing sidewalks you handle yourself can be up to $200. Likewise, the cost of repairing sidewalks when hiring a contractor for a patch job will be much lower. On the high end, you can expect to pay an average of about $9 per square foot.

What's involved in the cost of sidewalk repairs?

  • Labor costs
  • Cost of materials
  • Square feet
  • Demolition of concrete
  • Homeowner insurance discounts

Bottom Line

Make sure you call a professional if you notice a problem with the concrete so that it can be taken care of soon. Crumbling and cracking, bulges, holes, segment separation, and other issues will only get worse and cost more to repair later!