Reasons for the Increase in Roadside Accidents in New York City During the Winter

Winters in New York City are amazing as we enter the holiday season and the snow on the streets starts to enhance the beauty of the city a little more. However, this ice on the streets of NYC can also lead to extreme accidents and major injuries.

Pedestrians are the ones who get into the most danger due to the rough weather conditions. For example, when cars drive on icy roads, the risk of them sliding into people walking nearby is high. 

Similarly, pedestrians can also take major risks while walking on the icy sidewalks. A minor slip can result in major neck and back injuries and can also lead to broken bones.

In this article, we will talk about some of the local conditions and situations that contribute to the increase in the number of accidents happening during the winter.

Condition of the Roads

Ice and snow on the roads make them risky as they become slippery and the friction on them reduces. Usually, when there's ice on the roads, the cars might fail to break in time, which is a common cause of accidents.

Highly Congested Roads

Usually, when the traffic on the road is aggressive, the drivers might try to pass forward, which contributes to a high number of accidents. Usually, when the weather is bad, the traffic is slow and can create traffic jams. It can, in turn, increase the risk of accidents among pedestrians.

High Speed

When the streets are clear, overspeeding of vehicles can be a huge reason for the increase in roadside accidents and fatalities. When a driver is overspeeding on the roads, their tires might lose traction and gain momentum. In such conditions, cars can hit pedestrians walking on the sidewalks and crosswalks.

Reduced Visibility

Extremely cold weather conditions like rain, snow, and fog can reduce visibility on the roads. When people are driving in such weather conditions with impaired visibility, they are unable to see the surroundings and might fail to observe pedestrians on the road. Another thing is that the drivers might struggle to see the pedestrians in the dark. It is why every driver on the road must use headlights and pay attention to the road while traveling to their destination.

Ice and Snow on Sidewalks and Crosswalks

Drivers are not the only main reason for injuring pedestrians; there is another main cause. During winter, ice and snow on the sidewalks and crosswalks can also cause pedestrians to slip, injure their spines, or get any other injury. It is the responsibility of the property owners to ensure that the sidewalks adjacent to their properties are not only clean but free from ice so that pedestrians can use them without getting injured.

Cars Running on Sidewalks

Due to less visibility during the winter, the drivers might not see the objects on the street until the last minute. When the drivers see the objects on the road, they might try to save themselves and run into the sidewalks, resulting in injuring any pedestrians using the sidewalk at that time.

Bottom Line

In the winter season, the number of roadside accidents might increase. There are numerous reasons for the increase in roadside accidents, as mentioned above. Most of these accidents can cause pedestrians to get injured, as they are the least safe on the roadside. 

Well, you might ask who is to blame if someone gets into a roadside accident due to the poor weather conditions. Well, the driver might be responsible for the accident but there must be necessary measures that the government must take to remove the snow and ice from the roads. 

Moreover, it is the duty of the property owners to clear their sidewalks to ensure pedestrian safety on the roads. If you try to remove the snow and ice yourself, you might damage the sidewalks. 

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