Sidewalk Repairs vs. Sidewalk Replacement: The Efficient Choice

The decision to select a sidewalk replacement instead of sidewalk repairs for your Bronx residential or commercial property can be difficult. If you consider the long-term effects of choosing one over the other, you'll understand that a sidewalk replacement is usually a better investment because it prolongs the life of your sidewalk for a longer period of time. 

The up-front cost of a sidewalk replacement may deter you, but the long-term results will often reduce the amount of money spent on repairs.

3 Reasons to Get a Sidewalk Replacement

Remove Sidewalk Violations: Typically, a sidewalk violation can be resolved fairly quickly, and you won't have to worry about another one developing any time soon. However, if you're bothered by frequent sidewalk violations caused by the deterioration of your sidewalk, simple sidewalk repairs may not be for you, and scheduling a sidewalk replacement with your contractor is a good idea.

Avoid Pricey Repairs: Inexpensive sidewalk repairs can range from $10 to $50, but extreme sidewalk problems pertaining to waterproofing and structural damage can cost you up to hundreds of dollars per square foot. If the repair is too costly or your sidewalk is damaged in numerous places, a sidewalk replacement may be a better option.

Improve Safety: Environmental and human factors such as foot and vehicle traffic, tree roots, severe weather, expansion and contraction, and erosion can cause your sidewalk to lift and crack, creating trip hazards and sidewalk violations. These complications must be addressed promptly so that bodily injury and damage to equipment don't occur. If you want to ensure optimal safety for pedestrians, consider hiring a contractor for a sidewalk replacement.

Bottom Line

A small problem with your sidewalk doesn't necessitate a complete sidewalk replacement, but if your New York City sidewalk contractor recommends a sidewalk replacement because the cost of sidewalk repairs is exorbitant, you may want to agree to a new sidewalk installation. If you're ready to schedule a sidewalk replacement for your Bronx residential or commercial property, contact the skilled experts at Eden Sidewalk Repair NYC.