What are Sidewalk Curbs and Why Are They Important in NYC?

sidewalk curb and its importance in nyc

The road infrastructure in urban cities is properly structured and designed. The roads, streets, drainage, tunnels, bridges and sidewalks are a few examples to mention. One of these elements of road infrastructure is the sidewalk curb. 

A curb is a common sight in developed cities like NewYork, Bronx, Queens, etc. What exactly is a curb? A curb is a raised edge or barrier that separates the road or street from the sidewalks. Its shape can be vertical or sloping. They are found around the sidewalks of houses, schools, offices, buildings, parks, malls, restaurants, etc. 

The reason why curbs are commonly built around sidewalks lies in the importance and value they hold. They offer protection to the roads, promote the safety of the people, and also add beauty to the roadsides. In this blog, we will learn the importance of the curbs in detail.

Importance of Sidewalk Curbs 

It is essential to make and repair curbs around your sidewalks for a variety of reasons. Let's discuss them in detail:

Maintain Proper Drainage 

Curbs are important for the safety of road surfaces. Curbs help direct the flow of water, from rain for example, into the gutters. This prevents the water from running on the road surface. Water can erode the road surfaces, seep into them and ultimately cause damage.

Keep Vehicles On Road 

The curbs separate the road from the pedestrian lanes. Without curbs, there will be no definite boundary around the sidewalks. The vehicles, like cars, buses and taxis, stay on their tracks and do not enter the pedestrian lanes. Hence, the pedestrians stay at maximum safety owing to the curbs. 

Protect Road Edges

The curbs helps in the structural support of the roads. The edges of the roads will be prone to greater wear and tear without curbs. To protect the road edges from cracks and damage, curbs are important. They increase strength, thereby increasing the life of the roads.

Enhance the Grace 

Imagine how the sideways would look without the curbs. The image that builds in your mind with the curbs is definitely more appealing. Thus, the curbs also play a role in adding aesthetic beauty to the roadside. 

Define the Parking Boundary 

Curbs are common on the sidewalks in the open parking lots. This will help pedestrians walk safely through the walkways without the fear of being hit by a vehicle. The curbs define the parking boundary so the vehicles stay at a suitable distance from the sidewalks. 

What are the Different Curb Options for the Sidewalks?

Curbs are available in different varieties. These differences in the curbs are dependent on the material used to make the curbs. The shape of the curbs varies with the material used to make them. Based on the materials, there are three types of curbs:

Concrete Curbs: 

They are the most convetional type of curb. They are also the most commonly used curbs for domestic and commercial sidewalks.

Steel Curbs: 

They are more resistant to wear and tear. They are much more durable than other curbs. 

Bluestone Curbs: 

They are made of a natural stone named bluestone. They are widely used due to their strength and aesthetic beauty. You can learn more about Bluestone Curbs here


Curbs are essential components of sidewalks. Due to their extensive use and extreme weather, they get damaged quite often. A damaged curb needs serious attention because it may damage the road surface and make it hard for people to use the sidewalks. Curbs need to be maintained time to time. 

It is essential to find a contractor who can build the curbs according to the conditions and regulations of the DOT rules. For reliable services to make the curbs using top-notch materials, you can call Eden Sidewalk Repair NYC. We provide excellent services for building the curbs near you.

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