Who is Responsible for Sidewalk Repairs in NYC?

home owner is responsible or sidewalk repair in nyc so sidewalk repaired and dot violation removed


Navigating New York City's sidewalks can be challenging, especially with defects like cracked slabs or potholes. These issues can lead to serious injuries and significant expenses. But who is responsible for these sidewalk defects?

Under New York City Administrative Code Section 7-210, property owners are responsible for maintaining the sidewalks adjacent to their property. This includes repairing cracks, holes, and other hazards.

However, there is an exception for certain residential properties. Specifically, the city might be responsible for maintaining the sidewalks adjacent to owner-occupied one-, two-, or three-family residential properties that are used exclusively for residential purposes.

Who Is Responsible If Someone Trips and Falls On Your Sidewalk?

Property Owner

In New York City, property owners are usually responsible for injuries from sidewalk accidents near their property. They must keep the sidewalks safe and free from dangers like uneven surfaces, loose debris, and big cracks. If someone gets hurt because of these issues, the property owner might have to pay for the damages.


The City of New York can be held responsible for sidewalk injuries in specific situations as defined by the NYC Administrative Code §7-210. If the city receives a written notice and fails to repair it within a reasonable timeframe (typically 15 days depending on the severity), they could be liable for any injuries caused by that defect.

Additionally, the city is responsible for maintaining sidewalks adjacent to city-owned properties such as parks, libraries, and government buildings.


Contractors might be responsible too. If a contractor is hired to maintain or fix a sidewalk and does a poor job, causing a dangerous condition, they could be held liable for any injuries that occur. This is why it's crucial to always hire professional and trustworthy contractors like Eden Sidewalk Repair.

When They are Not Responsible?

Property owners aren't always responsible. They might be off the hook if they haven't received a notice about the issue. Also, if the damage was caused by something like a storm (an "Act of God"), they won't be held liable.

Can I Repair My Sidewalk Myself?

You are permitted to repair your own sidewalk, but you need to obtain a sidewalk repair permit first. Using high-quality concrete is essential, as ready-mix concrete from home improvement stores often fails to provide a lasting solution.

This can lead to an unsightly, cracked sidewalk that may attract the attention of the DOT, resulting in a violation notice being sent to you.


To avoid hassle, it is advised to hire professional contractors. Eden Sidewalk Repair, serving NYC for 20 years, offers free estimates and code-compliant repairs. Call today!