What Common Concrete Damage Do Sidewalks Experience?

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Is your concrete surface looking damaged because of the wear and tear? Outdoor concrete surfaces, including driveways, sidewalks, and patios, are particularly susceptible to damage from several factors and need upkeep and fixing after a while. Any concrete issue can be addressed with the correct information, tools, and expertise. 

Common Sidewalk Issues

Following are a few common sidewalk issues that need immediate repairs and replacements.

Damages Due to Cracked Concrete

Small cracks can lead to more concerning issues if left untreated. There are several reasons that can cause the concrete structure to crack, including heavy vehicles, climate conditions, and temperature. For instance, in the winter, cool air contracts solid concrete, which can broaden cracks that are already there. 

Similarly, weight from tree roots underneath the concrete surface can also cause cracks in the sidewalks and driveways. In case you don't know how desperately your cracks need fixing, attempt the nickel test. If you can fit a nickel into the break, you need to get it fixed when you can.

Oil Stain and Concrete Discoloration

The way that concrete can stain is one reason why it's so natural to tweak with wonderful colors. Tragically, it also means that oil from your car or spilled paint can also leave stains on the concrete. Did you realize that the sun can decolor the concrete as well? If you move patio furniture or evacuate a shed, you may see a color difference in the areas that have been shaded for a long time. 


Have you seen some portions of your driveway start to hang or even disintegrate at the edges? The dirt underneath the concrete is likely beginning to dissolve. It could be because the dirt wasn't firmly compacted enough before your driveway or sidewalk was constructed. This, combined with the heaviness of an overwhelming vehicle, can make driveways droop. Erosion can be a genuine issue, particularly with inclined driveways or any unlevel concrete surface. The amazing news for you is that erosion issues, much like other normal concrete issues, can be fixed with the correct tools and expertise.

Bottom Line

Most of the concrete issues can be addressed with resurfacing, fixing, recoloring, pressure washing, and other restoration strategies. The sooner you address a concrete issue, the more outlandish it is to turn into a lot more cerebral down the road. At Eden Sidewalk Repair NYC, we represent efficient concrete repair contractors who fix and rejuvenate in the most amazing way. Regardless of what concrete issues you're facing, we can help by evaluating the issue and suggesting the best arrangement. Reach us today for a free estimate!