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Since 1999, Eden Sidewalk Repair NYC has been providing the best in service work. In fact, when it comes to Yonkers sidewalk repairs and DOT violation removals, we are the local leading service provider. We believe in not just meeting the expectations of our customers, our goal is always to exceed them.

We realize that the materials we use play as large a role in the outcome of the work we do, which is why we only work with the best. This is also why we use 4000 to 4500 PSI, and can provide permits before and inspections following the work we do. Because we take it seriously and want to get as close to perfection, as possible.

The quality of our work has helped us become DOT approved and certified, as well as a contractor for the DOB, as well. Not to mention, we also do work for the Department of Parks as well as Department of Transportation. Make the wise decision to partner with our team of experts for NYC sidewalk repairs and related services and get the best results possible.

Yonkers Violation Removal

Some of what is important to know, when it comes to DOT sidewalk violations and their removal, include but are not limited to:

  • A violation is issued when a repair need is noticed. This may be by a complaint report from a passerby or during a routine inspection. Either way, it will then become your responsibility to take care of, unless caused by tree roots.
  • Once the DOT has issued the violation, a copy goes into your file with the County Clerk. This remains active on your file until notification is received that the required work has been completed by a certified contractor.
  • You have a 45 day period of time to address the matter on your own. If you fail to hire a contractor and get the repairs done, the DOT will hire one and send you the resulting bill. Of course, the amount they charge for the job will be much more than if you had addressed the matter on your own.

The important thing is not to panic. We will be there to help you get through the existing infraction.

Sidewalk & Curb Work in Yonkers

When the time comes that you could use the expertise and skills of a pro to handle your sidewalk and curb work, give Eden Sidewalk Repair NYC a call. We have an established history of workmanship excellence and superior results. Get in touch with us now to get started on whatever service it is that you need taken care of.

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