Is the Curb Part of the Sidewalk or Part of the Street?

sidewalk part of your property or the street

As a property owner in NYC, questions might have often popped up in your mind, like which boundary limits your property? Are sidewalks the part of your property? Are curbs on sidewalks included too? If they are actually included in your property premises, then what are your responsibilities and duties toward them? The answer to these questions is important to know. So let’s begin!

What are the Curbs?

Curbs are the raised boundaries that separate the sidewalks from the roads. The ideal height of the curb is 6 inches. They come in various shapes, like dome, slope, slant and super. The materials used to make curbs are usually granite, masonry blocks, asphalt and blue stones. Please visit this link for more information on Curbs. 

Who Is the Real Owner of Curbs? 

As per the rules of DOT and NYC state, you are the owner of curbs and sidewalks that touch your property, like the house, office, business area, etc. This implies that you are responsible for constructing and repairing the curbs on your property. 

Curbs around public buildings and state monuments are the responsibility of the NYC State. State officers are in charge of these curb constructions or replacements. 

Why Are Curbs Important?

The curbs hold immense importance for the road infrastructure. Curbs must be constructed for the following reasons:

Creates a Clear Boundary

They create a clear separation between the road and the sidewalks. This helps pedestrians stay on the sidewalks. The drivers will have a clear boundary for their vehicles on the roads. 

Controls Water Drainage

The rainwater can easily drain to the gutters and does not overflow on the roads with the help of curbs.

Safety for the Disabled

The disabled can move on the sidewalks without any fear. The curbs keep them protected from any accidents. 

Guide at night

The curbs guide the traffic in the low light at night and help the vehicles stay on the roads. This helps people stay safe from the dangers of accidents at night. 

Major Problems With the Curbs 

People frequently use the sidewalks, especially on a busy site. These sidewalks and their bordering curbs are more susceptible to damage. The following are the major problems with  the curbs:

  • Extreme weather in NYC causes the concrete to break off. The broken pieces of concrete fall off the sides of curbs and gather around the boundaries
  • The seeping water damaged the soil under the curbs. The curb over the damaged soil gets sunk. This makes the curbs uneven
  • The stones on the curbs get loose over a period of time. Additionally, they might collide with a car and split off. Missing stones are a serious problem with the alignment of the curbs


What is the Boundary that Defines Your Property in NYC?

According to NYC regulations, the curb's boundary marks the line defining your property. This implies that the sidewalks and the curbs are part of your property. The curbs that touch your house or building directly come under your ownership. 

Properly Defined Property Guidelines 

If you have any uncertainties related to your property line, you may need to resolve this query. Real estate lawyers are experts who can help you better understand your property lines. This will help you properly understand your rights and duties towards your property. 


Curbs hold immense value in terms of safety and protection. They come under the possession of the property owners, so the owners must ensure that they construct, repair and replace the curbs. In NYC, the owners must construct the curbs according to the rules of DOT guidelines. 

Failure to maintain the curbs can cause injuries to pedestrians. You may be penalized with fines and legal accusations. To keep yourself on the safe side, it is important to regularly repair and replace the curbs as per state guidelines. To get help with the repair and replacement of curbs, call the expert contractors at Eden Sidewalk Repair.